I’m willing to step outside the box into the market of fashion with original, authentic and powerful designs. Rather than play it safe, I want to stand out, telling stories from the oldest living culture in the world
— Founder Colleen Tighe Johnson

Buluuy Mirrii

Buluuy Mirrii is a fashion label that harnesses the spirit of Australian Aboriginal ancestors and revives Gomeroi Dreaming stories.

Buluuy Mirrii – meaning “black star” in the indigenous Gomeroi language – is a fashion label created by designer and proud Gomeroi women, Colleen Tighe Johnson. The label celebrates Aboriginal artists and incorporates a range of Indigenous skills and crafts across bespoke garments for men and women. Unique Gomeroi artworks are commissioned then transformed into fabric patterns by a Gomeroi graphic designer, printed on luxury fabrics and sewn into garments, telling the stories of Gomeroi Dreaming through a unique medium.

Buluuy Mirrii was founded in 2008 and designs have graced fashion runways in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and at New York Fashion Week. The label also featured at the Cannes Film Festival and Paris Fashion Week as well as on red carpets at premieres and awards nights. Colleen takes pride in building a globally-recognised, international business from her Tamworth home in country NSW.

The label also incorporates a social enterprise, the Buluuy Mirrii Youth Development Program which provides mentoring, cultural development, self-esteem and fashion industry training for Aboriginal youth. The impact of this program in the Aboriginal community is extensive, delivering positive economic consequences for the community and embodying Colleen’s passion for youth development.

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