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We all need to challenge our thinking to look at our business through the eyes of the consumer. The chances are, in reality, the consumer isn’t actually looking at our business at all. We need to be inviting, charming, relevant and offer intrinsic value – certainly more so than our competitors.

Carolyn Miller

For over 20 years Carolyn Miller has been working in the marketing and advertising industry, and has been a strategist at multiple award-winning agencies. She’s the Founding Director of Communications Consultancy ‘The Honeycomb Effect’ where her client base includes high profile brands such as Nespresso, Yahoo, Pfizer, Lend Lease and The Australian Institute of Sport amongst many others.

Carolyn’s also a regular panellist on the highly popular ABC Television Program ‘Gruen’, where advertising industry experts review and discuss marketing creative concepts and strategies. She has featured as a contributor in the best-selling 'The Gruen Transfer' book and is regularly featured in a variety of television shows discussing advertising, including Sunrise on Channel 7 and The Today Show on Channel 9. She is also in demand as a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and MC. Her areas of expertise are applicable across multiple industries, having presented on the following topics (amongst others): Branding; Advertising; Disruptive Thinking; Consumer Insight & Consumer Centric Strategy.

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Articles: ‘There Are No Boring Brands, Just Boring Marketers'

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