We are a slow fashion brand doing high quality, artisan production. Our products are kept by our customers for years not seasons. We celebrate quality, materiality and design with our small batch, low waste production providing an alternative to mass produced imports.
— Founder Erin Lightfoot

Erin Lightfoot

Erin Lightfoot designs and hand-produces contemporary vases and jewellery by pairing traditional ceramic production techniques with current, forward-seeking design.

Artist and designer Erin Lightfoot creates modernist inspired vases featuring thoughtfully coloured, geometric prints as well as geometric motif earrings with a focus on elegance and wearability. Colour, crisp shape and refined detail are the central themes across her carefully crafted ceramics range.

Erin’s unique visual language was developed while studying fashion design at QUT with her tactile ceramic skills honed from time spent in her mother’s ceramic studio. To build her ceramic knowledge, Erin undertook a residency in Jingdezhen, China which is world renowned for its porcelain production. There she learned production techniques that enabled her to launch her business in 2011 and build it from a solo arts practice to a thriving studio currently employing three people.

Her style is recognisable and, while not trend-seeking, is accessible, relevant and well worn. Each product in the range is original in its concept and fabrication. Forms and decorative elements are designed by Erin and fabricated by her and a small team. Refinements to the manufacturing process – including using self-designed hand tools – has enabled the designer to keep production in-house and employ local artists. Making pieces to order enables Erin to meet defined customer needs rather than estimate requirements, thus minimising product waste.

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