Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf combines algorithms and on-demand manufacturing to create clothes that are better for people, business and the planet.

Citizen Wolf creates made-to-measure clothing to fit individual bodies 10-times faster than traditional tailoring, with all garments made ethically and sustainably in Sydney. Its proprietary Magic Fit® technology distils 196 million data points using simple biometrics of height, weight, age and – for women – bra size to create a 95% accurate model of an individual body. The automated tailoring technology produces a customised pattern ready for each unique garment to be laser cut and sewn in Citizen Wolf’s purpose-built and ethically accredited factory.

Eric Phu and Zoltan Csaki founded the sustainable fashion label in April 2017 to overcome the universal problem of “fit”. They concluded 7.6 billion humans across all body shapes and sizes could not neatly fit into a handful of “standard” sizes – especially when the fashion industry itself can’t agree on what constitutes “standard”. Poor fit leads to an estimated one-third of garments ending up in landfill within 12 months of purchase.

Citizen Wolf believes clothing customised for each body is the answer and created Magic Fit® to automate tailoring and make the process fast, affordable and applicable across styles. Its signature item is a made-to-measure, everyday-wear t-shirt, produced in days with zero waste. | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Fit is the root cause of inefficiency in the fashion industry. It’s responsible for 81% of customers struggling to find the right clothing, 30-50% of ecommerce returns and 30% of all garments produced each year going to landfill unsold. It’s insanity and increasingly unsustainable.
— Citizen Wolf founders Eric Phu + Zoltan Csaki