Josephmark designs, develops and launches digital products that change the way people work, play and connect.

Josephmark is a venture studio that designs, builds and grows sustainable companies and products across a multitude of industries. A leader within Australia’s creative and business communities, Josephmark has developed a process it calls “venture design”, offering services such as business, product and content strategy; opportunity mapping; design; development; user testing; and marketing.

Ben Johnston founded Josephmark in 2004 in response to the staggering number of startups that fail due to inexperience, skillset gaps, under capitalisation, poor execution or bad timing. Josephmark’s venture design process solves these problems to ensure founders increase their chance of success or cut their losses early; investors diversify their risk; and truly great ideas – executed to the highest standard – see the light of day. This process also ensures only validated digital products and companies move into the build and growth phases.

As a hybrid between venture capital firm and design studio, Josephmark partners with its clients, affording it a stake in the business or product being created. Across the past 15 years, Josephmark has worked with big corporations such as Red Bull and CBA innovate, high-profile founders including Pharrell Williams and Portia de Rossi and progressive SMEs like Clipchamp and Tammy Fit to build out their design and development capabilities and invest in new ideas. Josephmark has also been recognised at SXSW’s Interactive Innovation Awards, The Webbys and AFR’s Best Service Innovation Awards.

“Sustainability is core to our ventures model – there’s no point in wasting time, resources and money on an idea that the world doesn’t need.” – Josephmark founder Ben Johnston | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn