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If you want to continuously improve and move fast, you have to learn from your own mistakes and accept that there is always someone better than you. Learn from them and stay humble

Mareile Osthus

Mareile’s customer-centric focus drives her passion for scaling and enabling fast growing online retail destinations through exceptional brand and product curation.

Hear from Mareile Osthus Chief Category Management Officer, The Iconic, who will discuss the future of fashion, the intersection of technology and what that means for new retail at Creative3 The Awards.

With over 15 years experience in fashion and 10 years in fashion e-commerce, Mareile has a deep understanding of what influences retail buying behaviour. Her data-driven approach to product and brand curation, as well as brand development, ensures her team remains agile when it comes to closing the gap between supply and demand.   

In her role at Australia and New Zealand’s leading online fashion and sports destination, THE ICONIC, Mareile leads a team of 150 buyers, planners, account managers and strategists, as well as THE ICONIC’s sustainability and ethical sourcing team. Mareile is also positioned within THE ICONIC’s Executive team whom she works with closely to ensure that sustainable long-term growth is achieved by balancing business priorities while having THE ICONIC’s customers, employees and partners in focus.

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