Shilo and Lydia 

Shilo and Lydia is a collaboration between designer Lydia Pearson and artist Shilo Engelbrecht producing unique and custom garments.

Shilo and Lydia harnesses the design nous of Lydia Pearson with the artistic eye of Shilo Engelbrecht to produce a range of adaptable, multi-fit garments that repurpose men’s shirts. The range centres on frugality and functionality by re-using men’s shirts, customising them by inserting linen panels and adopting a zero-waste approach to design and manufacture.

The partnership was formed in 2018 when the pair was invited to design uniforms for staff at the Local Milan No. 4 exhibition. The garments had to be unisex and fit a range of sizes. They hit upon the idea of refreshing the existing tailoring of second-hand men’s shirts to extend the life of the elegant pieces. The project made both Shilo and Lydia realise they had more to say with their work, prompting them to launch their ideas as a micro brand.

The design duo approach their experimental process with a dynamic quality which is highly resourceful and creative. Their garments have depth, tell a story, incorporate printed art and reflect a new energy to find answers to some big environmental issues in the fashion industry.

The range challenges single-use fashion and the ‘throw away’ mindset. Instead of focusing on production efficiency which can be associated with high volumes and an industrial output, we’re taking the slow fashion approach and concentrating on the quality and make of each unique garment.
— Shilo Engelbrecht & Lydia Pearson