Toast VR

“Richie’s Plank Experience is a fantastic introductory experience to users that are new to virtual reality. It's a fear-of-heights experience they'll never forget.” – Toast VR founders Toni Eastes and Richard Eastes

Toast VR is the virtual reality studio behind Richie's Plank Experience, a VR game that tests a player’s fear of heights.

Toast VR is a virtual reality studio that gained international praise following the launch of Richie's Plank Experience in 2016. The game was designed as an attention-grabbing introductory experience to virtual reality. It is available across multiple platforms including PlayStation, HTC, Valve and Oculus and continues to be listed among the top 10 most-played VR experiences in arcades globally.

Richie’s Plank Experience tests a player’s fear of heights by simulating a walk across a plank of wood sitting atop an 80-storey building. Players can add a real plank of wood into the VR world with accurate size, height and location. This capability was developed in-house at Toast VR and remains unmatched with Richie’s Plank Experience the only VR game with the functionality to clone a physical object into the virtual world.

Toast VR was founded by married couple Toni and Richard Eastes in July 2016 and has grown to a team of seven. Toast VR has won several awards for Richie’s Plank Experience and secured a major partnership with HTC within its first six months of operation to supply 50,000 copies of the game.

These successes have allowed Toast VR to invest in marketing, research and development, employee growth and business development. Toast VR is in the process of diversifying its portfolio of games beyond Richie’s Plank Experience. | Facebook | Twitter